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VetPath Services is committed to providing the best pathology services for you and your clients.

Value added personalized service sets us worlds apart from our competition, the large commercial pathology laboratories. 

Our diagnostic lab is large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to care. We are looking forward to servicing you and sending you the supplies you need for the submission of your samples. 

Become a Client

  • Results are sent to you usually within 24-36 hrs of receiving the sample. 
  • Overnight shipping is included in the cost of the submission of most samples
  • Shipping supplies are provided to you at no cost
  • Our pathologists are available to answer any questions about test results, or sampling and can make recommendations about further testing

Tests offered

VetPath Services offers competitive pricing of routine testing. Many biopsies may be priced lower than other labs. (Call for details)

  • Gastrointestinal biopsies
  • Mastectomies (single chain en bloc)
  • Generalized skin diseases
  • Employee discounts

Get results fast

VetPath Services provides overnight shipping of your samples, and rapid turnaround.

  • Free shipping on samples <1 lb
  • Results often ready 24 hrs after sample is received
  • Client web portal for easy access to results anytime
  • Prioritize your tests with an inexpensive STAT fee

Get advice for anything anytime

Our pathologists are available to answer any questions.

  • Explaining test results
  • Offering advice on sampling of biopsies
  • Offering opinions on necropsy findings
  • Advice on additional testing

Get your supplies from us

We ship you everything you need to start sending us biopsies and cytologies at no charge to you

  • Formalin jars
  • Slide holders
  • Shipping labels
  • Fed ex clinical packs

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Exceptional care,
extraordinary services.

Our pathologists provide the most up to date analysis of biopsy and necropsy specimens with tailored reports that fit your needs. Images and can be directly imported into your reports. Our combined expertise includes  cancer diagnostics, dermatopathology, musculoskeletal and dental, nasal diseases, and gastrointestinal and hepatopathology, ocular pathology, reproductive pathology  and much morePreparing SpecimensSmall specimensPlace specimen in small jar filled 1/2 to 3/4 full with formalin​ (10% NBF)Ideal amount of formalin is 10:110 times the...

Dermatopathology ConsultationConsultation with a double boarded dermatologist/pathologist (dermatopathologist)Get expert clinical adviceSpecialist in histopathology of skin diseaseGet treatment adviceOnce you get your initial biopsy resultsDownload this FORM and save it to your desktopEmail, or fax to; 845-687-2853Add photos if availableAdditional fee applies - see test/fee scheduleJeanine Peters-Kennedy, DVM, Diplomate ACVP, ACVDVeterinary Pathologist and Dermatologist  (Consultant)Dr. Peters-Kennedy is board-certified...

Cytology or cytopathology offers a relatively non-invasive method of diagnosing tumors and inflammatory conditions.Aspirates of tumorsBody cavity fluid analysisJoint fluidBone biopsy roll preps in conjunction with biopsy can be used to diagnose bone tumors, or bone marrow diseases. Preparing Specimens:Aspirates/ SmearsPlease (if possible) use glass slides with frosted ends so that information can be written on the slide. Even if you do not have frosted slides, use a permanent marker to identify the slides with owner and/or pet name as well as...

VetPath Services is constantly searching for the most accurate testing for your needs. We are happy to assist you with choosing the best test available for cancer diagnostics, immunohistochemistry, copper testing, and the newest tests for canine and feline cancer prognosis.Canine lymphoma PARRFeline Lymphoma PARRCanine Melanoma prognosisCanine Mast Cell Tumor prognosisCopper AnalysisImmunohistochemistrymost commercially available antibodiesask us about availability

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