Shipping Instructions

Fed Ex Shipping

  • Free shipping up to 1 lb
  • Additional charges 1-5 lb, and >6-10 lb
  • Request shipping labels here or call 845-687-2850


  • All samples must be submitted in a primary and secondary container
    • Example: Formalin jar placed into plastic transport pack​
    • Example: Garbage bag sealed containing specimen, placed in plastic jar/bucket
  • Absorbent material must be placed within secondary container or around formalin jar
  • Small formalin filled sample jars and larger jars are available at no charge
  • Sample packs are available at no charge
  • Call with any questions 845-687-2850


Request Supplies

  • We ship you supplies free of charge
  • Order supplies here
  • Available supplies
    • Formalin Jars of varying sizes​
      • Small jars contain enough formalin for small biopsies
  • Fed Ex Shipping labels
  • Submission forms
  • FedEx clinical packs
  • Cytology slide holders
  • Specimen boxes
  • Tissue cassettes for small samples

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