Our Committment

At VetPath Services all of our pathologists are available to you for telephone consultation when you require their input. Call us to discuss sampling, shipping, or available diagnostic testing.

Our pathologists create a complete and thorough report that addresses your concerns and the needs of your patients. We do not charge for in-house second opinions or margin evaluation. Our pathologists work together closely to provide the most accurate diagnosis available.

We are available to answer all of your questions by calling (845) 687-2850 or via email at info@vetpathservices.com

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Fill out our new client form and email it or fax it to us, or up load it to us directly using the dropbox.  NOTE: If filling the form in a web browser be sure to PRINT to file  rather than saving.

New Client Form

Email: info@vetpathservices.com

Phone: (845) 687-2850
Fax: 845-687-2853

We will send you biopsy jars,  shipping labels for your samples, supplies, and submission forms free of charge.

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